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Being able to live in a condo that is surrounded by the best amenities is a good feeling. Before making the decision to buy one, you need to ensure that they have modern amenities available. Most Condos amenities in the Philippines are trending towards tech-readiness, comfortable living, green living, and pet-friendliness. This section will focus on some of the amenities that Avida Towers Makati West provides to their clients.

Good Outdoor Space and Swimming Pools
The developers of Avida Towers Makati West thought it wise to provide residents and tenants an ample outdoor space to run, relax, barbecue, sit down and read newspapers. This is one of the great features most clients want so that they can have a healthy and conducive environment for family activities. Secondly, large swimming pools are surrounding this property. In case you are a fan, you could spend your warm afternoon swimming. Interested parties can also practice swimming in these pools.

Extra Storage Space
One of the facilities that will convince you to secure a condo at the Avida Towers Makati West is the extra storage space. The good thing is that you can store your items well without running out of space. The developers were aware that people need to store their belongings safely and that's why the place has spacious cabinets.

Fitness Centre
If you've always had problems because your favorite gym is located far away from your home, you need to consider buying a condo at Avida Towers Makati West. You will no longer have headaches of going out to work out. This property has a well-equipped fitness center where you could exercise and stay healthy. You'll surely be happy to meet new people that you share the same fitness and health passion

High-speed Internet & Wi-Fi
Nowadays, everybody needs the internet and that's why this building is installed with high-speed internet. You no longer have to worry about buying internet for your gadgets. While at Avida Towers Makati West, all you need to do is connect to the Wi-Fi and have fun watching videos and interacting via social media. If you have online businesses, it will be easier to conduct them from the comfort of your condo.

Pet-Friendly Residences
Although it’s not a feature, it is good to recognize that Avida Towers Makati West has an open-door policy towards pets. You can live with your dog without any issues. You are only required to keep your pet safe from any dangerous situation.

Avida Towers Makati West provides each unit with a mailbox. This means you will continue conveniently receiving your letters without any hassles. Every person in the unit will have access to their respective mailboxes

Interior landscaping
This is a trending amenity that very few developers have invested in. Incredibly, Avida land developers have really invested in interior landscaping. The place looks awesome with all the interiors cape products included.

Trash Chute
Unlike other apartments where trash has to be removed by hand, the Avida Towers Makati West has a garbage chute system that makes handling trash easier. The trash receptacle is located at the lowest level of the building. To dispose of your trash, you just have to bag it and drop it into the chute. The garbage will fall directly into a dumpster or a roll-off bin. This means that those working in the building will not have any direct contact with the trash.

  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool
  • Children's Play Area
  • Interior Landscaping
  • Garbage Chute
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Centralized Water Supply
  • Main Lobby
  • 2 Elevator Units
  • Adequate Emergency Power
  • Mailbox for Each Unit
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